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Boyfriend doesnt get jealous reddit

Strange obsession with his female best friend. Basically, he had feelings for her and left me for her the moment she broke up with her boyfriend she rejected him haaaaa. Calling other women degrading names. Extreme jealousy. I called a male friend handsome once, as his girlfriend had just left him and he was worried about his looks.

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Why Does My Boyfriend Follow So Many Instagram Models?

I've been with my boyfriend for around two years now. A thing we've argued a number of times about are his Instagram and Facebook searches. He used to follow all kinds of Instagram "models," and I looked up his searches — lots of butt pages. I'd brought it up, he agreed to unfollow them, but the searches have continued for over a year now.

I am not an Instagram model. I couldn't be an Instagram model. He just seems to search these girls every moment he isn't with me. I understand guys look, but from my stupid research, he searches multiple accounts every day. He even recently started searching for this young woman just out of high school girl from our gym. I freaked and he pretended to not know who I was talking about.

I said her name and asked how many times he searched her, and he said once. I saw how many times — it was in both his Facebook and Instagram searches. How can you confront someone when your evidence is by snooping on their phone?

Particularly his girlfriend. No butts? No ifs ands, or buts — you knew there would be butts. Were you trying to get to the truth? Or tempt him to lie about something embarrassing and start a fight? When you asked him to stop searching hot girls, did you really think he would stop? Probably not going to happen. You were starting a fight. This secrecy and jealousy is pushing you two further apart.

Before you talk, think about why his internet history makes you feel bad. Does it reflect the way he treats you in real life? Or is this internet history just a reflection of his erotic imagination? Every day, he chooses to be with you. If it makes you insecure to know that he thinks Instagram girls with hot bods are sexy, then tell him that. Tell him you worry about what that says about how he feels about you. If you need some reassurance and praise, tell him that too.

Since the beginning of time, men and women in relationships have occasionally fantasized about other people, ogled other people, and idly wondered, What if? When we let ourselves follow flights of imagination generally, a healthy thing to do , we now leave digital trails behind. This is new territory. I have been in a steady and healthy relationship with my boyfriend for five years. I know he is the man I am going to marry and spend my life with.

Recently though, I made a huge mistake and cheated on him. With immediate regret, I started to research what I should do. I cheated on him with my best guy friend, whom I've been friends with for four years. We always have had a sexual tension between us and I just needed to know "what if," so one night at a bar, it happened.

We both felt terrible and agreed we feel nothing toward each other, but we're glad we finally found out. I don't know whether I should tell my boyfriend or not. I think he would just be heartbroken but stay with me because of how much we love each other. Do I hurt him and put him through pain just to be honest, or lie but spare him the pain? Should I tell my partner I had an affair? I generally say that if you think your partner deserves monogamy, they deserve the truth.

But this is one of those eternally sticky issues: What feels right to you? How much dishonesty can you live with? How much will you lie to someone you love? We can all argue this question from both sides if we define these questions clearly.

But the way you are describing your problem is too simple. You reduce this complicated issue to one idea: If you tell him, you hurt him. But if you lie and keep a secret, you spare him the pain. I agree that your boyfriend will be hurt if you tell him — but what else is going on?

Why else might you be avoiding the truth? Are you lying to him because you know how wrong it was to have an affair — and that makes you question yourself? Is it hard to admit how disrespectful of this relationship your affair was? Is it just easier to hide the affair than to admit it? You cheated because you were doubting whether or not you should be with your boyfriend, marital hopes aside. But this is your choice. I am 27 years old and I've been with the same guy since high school for about plus years.

We've had our share of arguments and disagreements. But the past few years, he's been so obsessed with mobile games. We talked about that, and he realized he had a problem, and he fixed it. Our recent problem is that I saw messages to a woman from London we are from the States , and the messages include "hey beautiful," "what are you doing," with a kiss emoji. I'm pissed.

His explanation is that it's totally innocent because this woman is really far away and he doesn't mean anything by it. He said that he messages her and other people "for the game," and to protect each other in the "game. He just got mad at me a few weeks ago because I told him a guy from high school messaged me, and I never messaged back! How do I believe what he's doing is all innocent? You told him you saw the messages. You told him they pissed you off. Now this is out in the open.

First, I want to point out that when you and your boyfriend talk about this, you speak in absolutes. Real life is messy, and virtual, semi-anonymous online relationships can be even messier.

Is it absolutely wrong that he sent a kiss emoji, no matter the circumstance? Was it absolutely right for him to send kiss emoji to this gamer because he knows he will never meet her and he needs her loyalty to build team spirit?

I think you both need some perspective here and you both need to step away from the absolutism. By asking if something so small was right or wrong, you back each other into corners and give these small issues such huge weight. You are not innocent! Honestly, his explanation sorta, kinda checks out. And so does yours. Neither of you has to win this argument.

Is there some limit to his online friendliness that would you feel comfortable? Can he take some responsibility without confessing to a crime? Look for a way to meet in the messy middle. Do you have a question for Logan about sex or relationships? Ask him here. Follow Logan on Twitter. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

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Men take to Reddit to reveal what it’s really like to have a relationship with a sex worker

Skip to content. Or, if you started dating another guy, then you'd have to cut him out all together, assuming you aren't the cheating type. His way of dealing with that isn't to show his interest in you, but instead to put down his perceived competition by insulting them. Thus, you won't have all the time you do now, to dedicate to fun with him. Or, more specifically, why do some guys like big boobs more than smaller boobs?

By Carly Stern For Dailymail. A young woman is being slammed by Redditors for admitting she wants to break up with her boyfriend after he revealed he was raped as a child. The year-old woman wrote that she has been with her year-old boyfriend for five months, and had been attracted to his tall, muscular physique and 'dominant' personality.

IF you've ever wondered what it would be like to date a sex worker, then a group of men who do just that have answered all your questions for you. It all started when an insecure bloke revealed that he is uncomfortable with his girlfriend's job because he thought it would make her more likely to cheat on him. However, he did add that "the sex is great," before asking if anyone could offer some advice on the topic. He said: "I dated a sex worker. I used to pick her up from work etc.

Reddit woman says she may break up with boyfriend after he admitted to being raped as a child

My boyfriend and I have been together for four years. Heading into the holiday season, I fully expected a proposal, and I didn't get one. We've talked at length about getting married. We've lived together practically the entire time we were dating. We have a dog together. We share a car. I feel like we're doing everything married couples do — we just aren't married. I've told him very plainly that it's incredibly important to me to be his wife, and to solidify our commitment. Some of that comes down to legalities — I've heard horror stories where a partner gets ill or dies and you don't have any power or control in the situation.

11 Signs Your Ex Is Pretending To Be Over You

If only you knew what you can do to me with just one smile. I took a while to accept this. Older iPhones will show you if you've been blocked if you send an iMessage it's an iMessage if you are connected to Wi-Fi and the message is in a blue bubble. The 3 Reasons why Narcissists come back after silent treatment: See, you may have already seen many websites which bombard you with some absolute non sense, which are no way practical. I have first hand experience with this.

When my boyfriend and I first started dating, we started talking about jealousy, and I thought his take on it was pretty interesting: He admitted that he does, at times, get jealous just like everyone inevitably does sometimes.

A hint of jealously here and there in a relationship might be no big deal, but what happens when jealously starts to completely take over? Many times beneath the feelings of jealously in a relationship are our own insecurities — and this could either be personal insecurities you have regarding yourself, or perhaps insecurities you feel when comparing yourself to others. The ongoing comparisons are not only unnecessary ; they might also end up eating you alive. Beyond those insecurities we just discussed, there may possibly be other issues you're battling internally that could be leading you to feel and act in a jealous manner.

Help! Is It a Red Flag That My Boyfriend Keeps “Liking” Bikini Photos on Instagram?

Before we discuss the techniques to get your ex jealous, we first need to identify WHY you want to do that. Now, I mentioned how powerful these techniques are and how well they work. Just quickly, you may be wondering if they can single-handedly make your ex want you back? But do you even want her back?

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Ever invested months, multiple coffee dates and endless WhatsApps into a relationship or friendship only to realise that the person is too toxic to be around? Yep, us too. Sometimes people just aren't in the right place to be a good friend, or there's a personality clash that means you bring out the worst in each other. Other times, though, that person just doesn't want the best for you. Yes, it's horrible but true.

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Dumpees, on the other hand, find it difficult to pretend. They are oftentimes so heartbroken, their ex can almost sense it a mile away. Here are 11 signs your ex is pretending to be over you. If you catch your ex gazing at you and quickly averting his or her eyes away from you not once, but many times, you can be almost certain that he or she still has feelings for you. Eye contact aversion is an important non-verbal expression that signals interest , attention and most prominently— respect. The reason why this sign is so important is that when your ex is truly pretending to be over you, he or she becomes self-aware of his or her non-verbal communication, and therefore, puts too much attention on pretending.

Jul 21, - Usually said by men who want to isolate you and who have jealousy My fiance, who is now a recovering alcoholic, rarely drank for the first three years everything for him just so that he doesn't get angry and break shit. 4. AskWomen Bad Boyfriend bad girlfriend Dating Love & Sex Manipulative Reddit.

I've been with my boyfriend for around two years now. A thing we've argued a number of times about are his Instagram and Facebook searches. He used to follow all kinds of Instagram "models," and I looked up his searches — lots of butt pages.

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My best friend got engaged; I should be happy, but instead I’m just jealous




Do Dumpers Come Back Reddit



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