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Friends with benefits x reader

Originally posted by relationshipaims. It had been coming all night. She had been reluctant to go to dinner in the first place with shawn and his friends but three hours later and she had reached hr peak of boredom. Shawn was finally home and she wanted to make up for the time they had lost while he had been away. The first two meals had taken long enough but now they had to wait for desert too.



For the Love of Dean Winchester — Friends With Benefits

H Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader. Summary: Friends with Benefits AU. When things start to heat up at a frat party between the pair, there may be only one solution. Tom smirked slightly, buckling his belt and made his way over to your bed, his eyes scanning your hidden body quickly.

She never goes to parties, this is my chance. Frowning at him, you hit his shoulder playfully for bringing up the Chinese brown haired girl that you shared three lectures with. Tom smiled, dipping his head to place a kiss on your lips, grinning into the romantic gesture. Your stomach flipped when his coffee colored eyes met your gaze, his morning breath fanning over your face. He smirked before deepening the kiss, his tongue slipping into your mouth. Tom nodded and pulled away from you completely, your hand losing touch with his face.

Walking into the large frat house that you knew so well, you only had one person on your mind - Tom. You and Tom met freshman year of college, becoming friends with him was easy and after a few drunken make out sessions mixed with late nights of Netflix and chill, you realized that you had more than only a physical attraction to him.

The more you thought of it though - the possibility of a relationship with him - you got scared. You were afraid of letting him distract you from your studies, and you had an underlying fear of having your heart broken. After long chats with Tom, you both settled on the overused agreement of a friends with benefits relationship. Fast forward three years later, the benefits were still happening - benefits that you deemed out of this world.

The music was already blaring through the speakers, your heart beating to the rhythm and students flooded every room that was open. Stop light party. Green for most definitely single. You frowned at the layout, stepping out of the way of oncoming traffic where each person held a different colored cup.

You looked around the kitchen, trying to find the face of a man that you undoubtedly loved. Your eyes scanned the crowd, trying to dodge the stream of laser beams until they finally landed on the familiar face. He wore a plain white t-shirt, the chain you got him last Christmas loosely hanging around his thick neck. Your stomach twisted and turned at the sight of him leaning into Jana Keogh, who had a gorgeous, wide smile on her face - obviously delighted to be getting the attention from Tom.

You looked at his face, his famous smirk resting on his lips and his tongue wet them quickly. Trying to get a look at what cup he was holding, you assumed it was the green or blue one if he was chatting up the beautiful dark haired girl. Turning back towards the cups, you studied them for a moment. Green for single. Red for taken. And finally, blue for DTF - down to fuck. Chancing a glance back at Tom, you made up your mind and picked up the blue cup, earning a cheer from Torri, who watched you pine over Tom for the last couple of minutes.

Groaning at the sight of the ping pong ball dropping into your cup, you raised your hands in the air - admitting defeat. You chugged back the contents, eyes screwing shut at the burning sensation tingling your throat. The world was slowly becoming a blur at this point - too many games of beer pong and you definitely consumed too much alcohol.

You walked away from the wooden table, entering the kitchen. You had managed to avoid Tom for majority of the night, busying yourself with chatting to other men that you concluded will never live up to the curly haired man.

You jumped at the sudden feeling of arms wrapping around your waist from behind, and the smell of the aftershave that stained your bed sheets dispersed through the air. His eyes found yours and you melted into his touch. You sighed, feeling the alcohol seep through your veins.

Tom smirked at your words, and he knew by the look you gave him that you were annoyed. You shrugged your shoulders, brushing off his question. Forget about it. Have a good night. You sighed, confused at what just happened. You followed the trail of annoyed students that he pushed past, stumbling out of the wine colored front door. Spinning around looking for him, you caught sight of his white t-shirt walking away from the party towards the college campus.

It took all your stamina to chase after him, your legs feeling like jelly when you caught up with him. The walk back to campus felt longer due to the dead silence that was foreign for you and Tom. Tom slowly stopped walking, turning to face you.

That makes me an awful person. Your heart was racing at an impeccable speed, he watched you intently and all you wanted was for him to wrap his arms around you, kiss your hair and tell you he forgives you.

Sometimes I wish it was though, sometimes I ask myself why am I so stupid to wait around for someone that only sees me as a dick to ride? I want to love you, and treat you how you deserve to be treated. Everything about Tom has always felt right. He was your person, he always has been.

You pulled away from Tom quickly, causing him to jump at the movement. Maas watching: any movies on netflix. Warning: Cursing, drinking, implied sexual actions, party setting. Go on and find someone to fuck tonight.

Tom holland friends with benefits th peter parker tom holland one-shot tom holland headcanon peter parker x reader peter parker imagine mcu marvel spiderman.

Mrs. Maximoff. — Everytime (Thor Odinson x Reader).

Hopefully it turned out okay! Originally posted by sensuous. Originally posted by dailytomholland. Like That by Rytmeklubben.

Originally posted by frozen-delight. His hands roam your body fervently when he speaks. You take in a deep breath and nod.

Summary: You and Jimin have been friends with benefits for a while. Some of those moments were not so appropriate. But your not-so-existent relationship with Jungkook changes when you work at the same place as him and have to pretend to be his girlfriend. Part 1, Part 2 , Part 3.

So I heard you like blondes

You and Spencer were best friends, and have been ever since you joined the team. You gave Spencer the bathroom first, knowing you would take longer. Once he came out in his matching pajamas and glasses which was honestly adorable you went into the bathroom with your toiletry bag. Once you changed and got ready for bed, you climbed into bed next to Spencer before pulling the blanket over you. Over the year and half you have known him, you had started to have feelings for him. You looked at him different. You thought about him different. Throughout the night you tossed and turned, unable to sleep until Spencer threw his arm over you. Spencer never was into much touching, but when it came to you he was okay with it.

JungKook [Friends with Benefits]

Taehyung was a master at manipulation, playing just the right cards that would help him weave his way to your heart, to connect with you just enough that you would almost give into him when the time came. Or perhaps, this was truly who he was, and everything you thought was so perfect about him was a part of your issue. It was all in your head. For years, you planned for this day — to walk out of the lecture hall after taking your last final exam, to walk across the stage with your diploma in hand as your family members cheer you on in the sea of an overly enthusiastic audience, and to finally immerse yourself in your dream career field and kiss your minimum wage job goodbye.

Summary: Thor and reader are in a friends with benefits relationship… until other needs arise.

Hey my fellow followers! Walking dead is awesome so of course I write about them too. I also write some "would involve" for those fandoms Requests are:Open!

~Your friendly neighborhood Writer girl~ — Friends with Benefits (Steve Rogers x Reader...

Originally posted by lostthebucky. It was only supposed to be a one time thing. You and Steve sleeping together was just two people who need a little release nothing more. It started off at a party that Tony decided to throw at the last minute.

Premise : It was all supposed to emotionless, but as you caught feelings for Jungkook, you quickly struggled to find a way out. Originally posted by jjks. You tightened the duvet around your body, brushing your hands through your hair, shaking your head at his smirking figure. The two of you had been friends with benefits for the best part of six months, it was harmless, just a bit of fun, no strings were attached. Little did he know, you had a little something that had been playing on your mind, that you needed to tell him. Whilst you enjoyed your time with Jungkook, you still often wondered if anything more could come out of what you had between you.

used + confused — Friends With Benefits (Spencer Reid x Reader)

You shrieked in surprise and nearly dropped your book. Annoyed by his loudness, you huffed. The American had been watching nothing but football during the past couple of hours and he would shout every time his favorite team would score. You were staying at his place tonight, considering your house was kind of a mess because of the recent renovations it had gone through. Jesus, I'm trying to read!

Jul 23, - Friends With Benefits (Chris Evans x Reader x Tom Hiddleston)A/N: Ahh sorry if this sucked! I tried to get all the main themes included so i hope.

H Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader. Summary: Friends with Benefits AU. When things start to heat up at a frat party between the pair, there may be only one solution.

— Friends With Benefits (Chris Evans x Reader x Tom...

Keep reading. Originally posted by perfectfeelings. He runs a hand through his sweaty messy hair and glances at me. He walks over to me ruffling my hair.

friends with benefits!au

Originally posted by softietom. I tried to get all the main themes included so i hope you all like it. You were currently enrolled in Harvard and you were studying in the medical field. Since you took up this intrest it was hard to really make a lot of friends.

Most of the time they were bubbly, positive things like telling me to have a nice day at work or a simple good morning paired with three smiley faces.




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