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Japanese families give a lot of thought to names for their baby. Many Japanese baby names for girls have origins steeped in Japanese history, religion, and their love for nature. In Japanese, the meaning of a name can vary somewhat depending on the characters, or kanji, that is used. You may find that a name has more meanings than the most common ones offered below. These names not only sound cute but they have positive, upbeat meanings. They are good choices for a girl with a sunny disposition and outlook on life.

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The 11 Most Beautiful Japanese Names

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What makes a Japanese name important? And why do Japanese parents choose certain names for their children? This article will cover information about Japanese names — as well as the most popular names for Japanese boys and girls currently. The Japanese language has a unique naming system.

When naming their children, pronunciation and the meaning of the kanji are the main considerations. Recently, to make their child stand out from the crowd, some young parents name their child with rarely used kanji or unusual pronunciations which convey other meanings.

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Popular Japanese Baby Names

Created by a Japanese author. The most authentic and reliable website for researching Japanese names. As the world is becoming smaller and international names are becoming more popular around the world.

Just one encounter with Japanese culture, so different from that of Europe, is enough to invoke our interest and curiosity. Japan has many customs and traditions that stimulate our imagination.

Honor your culture and your ancestors—or borrow some beauty for your baby—with a name from the Land of the Rising Sun. Haruto is a popular name in manga, anime, TV and film in Japan. The kanji symbols for "haru" mean "sun, sunlight, distant, clear up," and the final "to" refers to the Ursa Major constellation and soaring flight. Little Haruto has a bright future as he follows his high-flying dreams, wherever they may lead him. Mei is a simple, sweet name that comes from two Japanese kanji characters: "me" for "bud" or "sprout" and "i" for "reliant," "life" or "garment.

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If you want your baby boy to stand out from the crowd, then a Japanese name might be the perfect fit! This unique property can make Japanese names feel a lot more layered as it draws not just from the meanings of the individual kanji but also from the combination of different kanji characters. If you know your way around the language, you can even come up with new interpretations of ancient Japanese male names! Just be sure to double-check your work before naming your kid. For one, most Japanese consonants are pronounced the same way that English consonants are. Japanese vowels are also pretty simple, since the pronunciation is pretty uniform across all Japanese words. The only part of Japanese pronunciation that can be a bit tricky for us English-speakers is the stress on the syllables. As long as you keep these pronunciation rules in mind, you should be fine with most common Japanese names, including the ones in our list below. How cool is that?

Japanese Name Gender Finder:

My name is. My name is While some parents are content to see which name sticks, others spend literal months fretting over the perfect moniker for their newborn. Generally speaking, parents of little girls have a lot more options than parents of little boys. There are also some less common names that make good equivalents to Western names.

What makes a Japanese name important? And why do Japanese parents choose certain names for their children?

Japanese names are beautiful and often complex: Depending on how you read the characters, or kanji, a Japanese name can have a few different meanings, and there can also be alternate ways of writing a name using different characters. What's more, many Japanese names aren't just names — they often reference virtues, lifestyles and art. This classic name means generous or prosperous, and it's the name of the creator of Nintendo.

75 Best Japanese Names for Baby Boys

You might choose a Japanese name for your baby to reflect the child's heritage or because you like the sound of the name or its meaning. For example, a name that means sun can reflect your hopes for a cheerful and spirited child, or you may choose one that means beautiful, wise, or strong. Japanese names are noted with kanji characters, which often can be read in several different ways.

Being a parent is a big responsibility. So how about selecting a name from a different culture, pretty unique, right? We bring you a list of Japanese names to help you pick the best name for your kiddo! Japanese people from time immemorial have always laid great emphasis on the meanings and characters used in the first name. Whether you pick a traditional name or a modern one, your baby will like it when he grows up. Modern first names in modern Japan include Japanese boy names meaning fire, names that connote whether they are the first, second or third born like Ichiro meaning the firstborn son or Jiro meaning the second-born son.

Japanese Baby Names for Girls and Boys

Japanese names are used in Japan and in Japanese communities throughout the world. Note that depending on the Japanese characters used these names can have many other meanings besides those listed here. See also about Japanese names. Modern Rare Archaic. Related name is is not.

The Japanese Name Chart to find out if it is a boy's name or girl's name / given name or family name.

People often ask what a Japanese name means. This is not an easy question to answer, as they are not as simple as English names. Each kanji character has its own meaning.

466 Japanese Girls’ Names (And What They Mean)


10 Best Japanese Boy Names For Your Newborn






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