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How to find a friend on zwift

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There are many ways to motivate people, and indoor training software applications employ a wide array of methods to appeal to a wide range of personalities. One aspect of training and fitness that many athletes enjoy is the social bond they enjoy with other athletes - people gathering together and bonding through a common interest. There is a lot of power in that basic social element of human nature: To be supported and to support others when we are at our best - or at our worst. To motivate and push one another to higher achievements. To celebrate our successes and to learn from our failures. To make friends or to enjoy friendly rivalries.

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Locate your friends on Zwift with ZwiftGPS

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As you start making friends in Zwift, you will start seeing them more and more in the Zwift universe. Adding friends on Zwift has its privileges. The easiest way to add a friend is on Zwift Companion App. If you are riding with someone in game, tap on their profile in ZML, and tap the follow icon in the top right corner. Anyone you follow will appear at the top of the list, making it easy to find them. The game will automatically place you next to the person you want to ride with and tether you to them until you have a chance to match their speed.

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Eric runs Zwift Insider in his spare time when he isn't on the bike or managing various business interests. He lives in Northern California with his beautiful wife, two kids and dog. Follow on Strava. Has almost completely stopped working.

As you start making friends in Zwift, you will start seeing them more and more in the Zwift universe. Adding friends on Zwift has its privileges. The easiest way to add a friend is on Zwift Companion App.

Written by David Arthur Published on New to the virtual training platform or something of a Watopia native? Either way, these pointers should help you get the most out of Zwift next time you log on for a session. Zwift has helped to transform indoor cycling.

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Many people in the UK and around the world are facing the gloomy prospect of not being able to ride with their friends over the coming weeks. The cycling world has responded by suspending many planned events and club runs, with British Cycling stopping all its riding activities and cycling clubs around the country also stopping their regular rides and races. But even when facing a crisis, exercise and socialising are an essential part of day-to-day life, so how can you keep the legs moving and stay in contact with friends during a lockdown? Thankfully we can all now share our rides in the virtual training world Zwift , an online platform that lets you ride, train, race and chat from the comfort of your own home. We looked into the best way to set up a Zwift group ride to help you stay in touch with your riding partners. There are a number of ways meet up with friends on Zwift: You can agree to meet at a certain point on a course at a certain time make sure you all choose the same route , you can use the Ride With feature to join someone riding when you log into Zwift, you can join an organised event, or you can create a MeetUp. However, there is another way for groups of friends or even clubs to connect with one another and still enjoy their group rides. Better still, it allows them to have private chats. All you need to do is select the course, distance, and time you want the event to start, and then you are free to invite friends to join you for the ride. In order to join, or be invited to the ride, you need to be following each other on Zwift.

Ride With Friends! All About Meetups in Zwift Companion

The Zwift Companion App is the perfect companion to Zwift. Stay connected when you're on the go. Pair it with your computer over the same Wifi network and use it as a Zwift game controller when you're riding. When you sign up, you can have it added to your calendar. Want to pat someone on the back for a ride they did, give them a Ride On right in the feed.

When Zwift first started you were just deposited at the start line, and you had to find other riders to tag along with. Plus there were a bunch of blue ghost people to pad things about a bit.

Have you ever been on an outdoor ride or a race with a group of friends or fellow riders? Sure, all of us did and probably you talked along the way. Indoor cycling can become boring without some form of interactivity.

Zwift Meetups: So Happy Together!

I joined Zwift to ride while I heal from a crash. I joined because a few friends already use it and they like it. I am already very active in Strava and I have my own blog and YouTube channel. I want to add friends to ride with.

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How to race on Zwift - top tips and setup advice

With Zwift you can ride with others from all over the world, but sometimes you might want to ride with specific people. If you're looking to get together with friends on Zwift, there are a few different ways to make that happen:. This is the option to create a Meetup. Tap the world to select it, then choose your route and set a total distance or time duration for the Meetup. The Meetup Feature allows you to invite any Zwifter who follows you. If you have a friend on Zwift whom you would like to invite, simply press the plus button and type their name into the search box.

Dec 6, - Maybe you want to do a run with a friend? How about a coach who is looking for a way to keep a client engaged? This wasn't so easy in Zwift.

With the Covid coronavirus pandemic putting the world in unprecedented times, numerous countries are on lockdown and people are being advised - or obliged - to remain indoors to stop the spread of coronavirus. In many countries, cyclists are still technically permitted to ride outdoors, but cyclists are turning to indoor cycling using a turbo trainer and platforms like Zwift to get their exercise and competitive fixes. Many professional cyclists have taken to Zwift for the first time, with even George Bennett trying to win a race. It seems there's no better time to try your hand at Zwift racing. Yesterday we gave you tips on how to train to win a Zwift race , but if you're one of the many riders who have trained for a season on the road, but you're now stuck in self-isolation and want to put your form to good use, here's everything you need to know.

How to hold a group ride on Zwift

Whilst we can still cycle outside solo, scratching that group ride itch is proving difficult. Thank heavens then for Zwift! Dirty Wknd are running loads of Zwift group rides during the coronavirus crisis, so that we can meet up with our mates, ride around in circles and talk nonsense! Sadly we can't replicate the mid ride coffee and cake stop, but you'll just have to use your imagination there.

Zwift Companion 3. Meetups are organized entirely via Zwift Companion. Time to create a meetup! Go ahead and give it a try—you can test out most of the features without actually creating the Meetup.

You can create a Meetup by selecting someone who follows you, and hitting the Request Meetup button.

Meetups, group rides and social Zwifting explained. By Simon Bromley. Cafe rides, club-runs and early-season sportives have been replaced by online meet-ups and chats. Of course, like in real life, you can just agree to meet your friends at a certain time and place in the virtual world, but there are other, more sophisticated ways to organise group rides too.



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