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My ex boyfriend just came out

Tell us a bit about yourself. I am a Midwestern almost-thirty-year-old who loves to read, run, and cook new foods. I am a teacher by day and also love to travel whenever I can. How did you meet your boyfriend? He was a bit mysterious, but also fun, outgoing, and most of all thoughtful — he seemed to always be thinking a bit more than the next person, always appreciating the smallest things, and deeply enjoying life. We were friends initially, for several years, before we began dating.

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My Ex Boyfriend Contacted Me But I’m In a Relationship

There are good reasons for this. Hence, a lot of people dwell on an ex-partner, a process made considerably easier and more worrying with the advent of social media. As a result, despite the ending of the relationship, what your ex does can still affect you. But there seem to be an increasing number of people baffled by their ex coming out as gay. Many people have exes who end up coming out, e. Others have similar stories.

Fine in principle: it might prove frustrating for you, but at least nobody else is involved. Maybe this new information makes you interpret things in a new light.

Maybe your ex-boyfriend was surprisingly fond of Lady Gaga? There are so many inherent biases that change what we think we remember, especially for emotional things. You could end up tearing yourself up internally, obsessing over details that never really happened. Why would there be? Some are joking, others are not. Social factors, genetics, upbringing, experiences, physiology are all thrown into the mix.

Hence they end up in heterosexual relationships. Regardless of your feelings, your ex coming out is something that happened to them, not you. If your ex gets in touch with you, fine. This may require some evaluation of your own views and beliefs, so no need to involve your ex. Your ex is gay. So what?

If they come out, that is officially their business. So why do anything at all? Why does this article even exist? Is there really that little going on since the Pluto images? The point is that, despite it being the most logical option, doing nothing might be difficult. As a result, people can feel compelled to analyse old memories or get new information, meaning staying indifferent can actually require effort. Sexual repression often manifests in seriously ugly ways, and someone constantly battling their own desires due to socially-imposed sensibilities can end up deeply resenting and lashing out at those who care about them , i.

Mistreatment, abuse and mental anguish are a whole different ballgame, regardless of whether repressed sexual orientation was a factor. But for the more casual or less traumatic breakups where a former partner comes out as gay or Bi, or Trans, or anything else of this nature there are a number of emotions and feelings that are likely to occur, so recognising and anticipating this is just one way to make life easier for everyone. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Science Brain flapping.

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My ex is gay. How do I not take it personally?

There are good reasons for this. Hence, a lot of people dwell on an ex-partner, a process made considerably easier and more worrying with the advent of social media. As a result, despite the ending of the relationship, what your ex does can still affect you.

My last relationship ended because my now ex-boyfriend realized he was gay. My last relationship ended because my ex-girlfriend realized she was straight. It happens.

Take the quiz. He left the relationship chasing something he thought would be better than what the two of you had. People do this when they take what they have for granted. Who knows if he caught what he was looking for or not.

What to do when your ex comes out as gay

I wasn't the only one. Like most twentysomethings, we met through friends at university and bonded over a mutual love of all the usual things: good TV shows, sad songs, and dancing into the early hours. After bumping into each other and occasionally flirting for the best part of a year, we started working at the same pub and consequently spent a lot of time together. One thing led to another. We spent the first few months hanging out, swapping stories and getting to know each other like any other couple, regardless of gender or sexual preference. The break up was eventful. I asked him about it on several occasions, but he brushed it off and insisted it was just malicious gossip. I tried to forget about the whole thing, but a few weeks later the rumours reared up again while we were at a party and we stumbled out into the street screaming at each other.

Things You Only Know If Your Boyfriend Turns Out To Be Gay

We dated through two years of high school and one year after, kind of. I walked away knowing he was gay but not knowing who or what I was. A full decade later, Matthias reached out and we attempted to be friends. I came out — and learned several disappointing, but not terribly surprising things. He blamed it on our breakup.






Coming to the sudden realization that you might actually be happy with someone Or even better, I actually had an ex ask me out for coffee the other day. I opted to just tell him I had too much stuff on my plate to give him “the friend discount”.








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