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What does a girl look for in a guy yahoo answers

I notice their height, and their smiles. I always think a confident outgoing guy is really attractive but the quiet type can also be damn sexy. I always have to find a tall guy because I'm pretty tall myself , and they can wear a trash bag for all I care as long as they're cute and friendly! When i first see a guy, i look at what they're wearing and how they are acting. But I like a guy who is kinda moody so that its sexy but i also like a guy who laughs a lot.

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girls, what do you first notice about a guy?

An attractive person with a good personality who is honest, considerate, giving, compassionate, goal-oriented, generous, affectionate etc. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Would I like a guy with a six pack and athletic body.. Does it make or break it? If someone has many of those redeeming qualities then I will work with them.

Oh, communication is a must to a successful relationship. I also like a confident man and someone who is good to his mother or the women in his life. The way a man treats his mother is a strong indicator on how he'll treat his partner. I'm not a very shallow person so looks don't mean as much to me as other traits Well if I really like their personality, and I know them well, I could care less about the features.

But if I were to say based on just looks, they can't have a ton of pimples, the can't be dirty, their hair can't be greasy, they have to have a nice smile, and they can't be lanky or too buff.

For personality, they have to be funny, nice, considerate, not arrogant, and not a jerk. Physically just that I am somewhat attracted to him. Personality wise fun, respectful, sense of humor, yeah. Understanding, good listener, intelligent, mature, respectful, but spontaneous. Im attracted to guys with curly hair. Tell me what you look for physically and what you look for in personality. Answer Save.

Favorite Answer. Physically: Nice teeth In shape not overweight clean sense of style clothes well groomed not hairy Personality: Intelligent outgoing loyal trustworthy fun cultured classy. I like my guy to be taller than me - I don't personally care if my guy is outgoing or shy as long as he's willing to have some fun at least once in a while.

How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. A Person. Kris Lv 5. Neofelis Lv 5. An okay build and an outgoing personality. Is nice and can make me laugh. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.

What do girls look for in a guy?

They look for a guy who can make them laugh and care about them. They want someone who will be there to confort them. They dont want a guy who is clingy and they want someone who is independent but still wants you to cuddle and help them.

Custom Search. I m dating a black guy yahoo answers. Wendy s single burger.

Has a style, but makes it his own. As far as looks go, I find a lot of boys with different attributes attractive, I just generally go for guys with these features. There's no looks or preferences. If a guy has a nice personality that's all that matters, and should outweigh whatever else.

what do girls look for in a guy?

I'm not saying being big headed or self obsessed, these are definitely not the same as being confident. A bit of confidence in a guy is just generally a good feeling for both parties. My advice: You're not going to get laid anytime or sooner. Granted you're not a good looking fellow as you have admitted but even if you land a beautiful woman in your arms People are different, Tim. Let's not learn to judge them and learn to focus on ourselves. When you like someone, that's really all that matters in the end. You have your preferences. If you choose not to date ugly women, then by all means, don't. It's your freedom.

What qualities do you look for in a guy?

My boyfriend is chubby, has long frizzy hair pulled in a ponytail, a crooked nose, and usually has a five o' clock shadow. I think he's the most attractive thing on Earth. Other chicks think that guys who tan themselves ridiculously orange, spike their hair, and take steroids are "hot". Definitely not my type, but that's their idea of what's attractive.

An attractive person with a good personality who is honest, considerate, giving, compassionate, goal-oriented, generous, affectionate etc. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I know guys think about girls quite a bit, every girl I see, I look over and listen for aspects of her personality that may be appealing and listen for other hints to her character. Girls or older woman think of males all the time. Maybe not so directly, but they are always somewhere in our thoughts. For example, I have a crush on someone and i'm trying to figure him out, what's he thinking, what's he like and even now as i'm answering your question i am thinking about him.

How often do girls think about guys?

Yes, girls look at guys all the time. If we find someone attractive, of course we're going to check them out. It's a human thing, not just a guy thing. I'm a stealth creeper.

Men who are not afraid to be themselves hate it when a guy tries to take on a persona of what he thinks you want, the real you will show up eventually. Well mannered gentlemen I don't expect my guy to open my door on a trip to the market or vacation, but if we are out for the evening it's a lovely gesture. Sense of humor don't take everything too serious, they have the ability to laugh and have fun when it's appropriate and they have the ability to even laugh at themselves. This is a trick question. There are girls that have things I look for. That is not the problem.

I m dating a black guy yahoo answers

Every girl is different, but as you can see, most girls aren't focused on the outside. You can meet a guy that isn't that great looking, but when they make you comfortable, and feel like the only girl in the room. Good luck!! Girls looks for a guy who lives life, funny,passionate,nice smile,sexy eyes,and tough but gentle to his girl still not a punk , also a great body doesnt hurt. They look for a guy that is nice to them and that doesn't lie. And that doesn't do any illegal drugs or drink too much mostly they look for love.

Answered Mar 23, · Author has answers and m answer views. Of course. They are Why do many white men view white women who have dated black men so negatively? Like how we look together as a couple. Are turned on  12 answers.

Well im almost I look for personality as a main thing in guys. You need to be able to have something to chat about or something in common. Next as you need some attraction to them Looks are not everything but you need some attraction.

Every girl has a diff preference. Some like good boys and some like bad boys. But me, personally I love a guy who has a good head over his shoulders.






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