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Why would a man have high estrogen levels

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While its importance is normally attributed to women, estrogen in men plays an important role. As teenagers, men have high levels of testosterone and low levels of estrogen. As they age, testosterone levels in men decrease while their estrogen levels increase. Not surprisingly, high levels of estrogen in men usually correspond to low levels of testosterone.

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What are the symptoms of high estrogen?

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Men are often unaware that estrogen estradiol plays a critical role in their day-to-day health. Estrogen is found in small-but-critical concentrations in men. It needs to be in balance with the rest of your hormones, especially testosterone, for you to feel well.

Estrogen levels and testosterone levels are closely related. In fact, one of the primary causes of low estrogen is actually low testosterone. The production of estrogen in a male body is a completely normal and necessary process. Estrogen is required for the healthy physiologic functions of your brain and other important organs, including:. Since the necessary level of estradiol that men require is derived from testosterone, a correlation develops.

If you have low testosterone, you may have low estrogen estradiol too, probably leading to the symptoms of hormone imbalance. Talk to a TRT expert and get back to feeling the way you're supposed to. Now serving patients in all Texas cities.

The same study with the same group of men found that free estradiol levels ranged between 0. The truth is, human bodies vary so much that no one can really say for sure, and testing methods have changed over the years, leading to some discrepancy. Similarly, there are men who fall outside the range who nevertheless are asymptomatic. It all depends on you and your body.

These are simply symptoms of overall hormone imbalance. To summarize, you can have low testosterone by itself, or low estrogen by itself, but often, they go hand in hand. If you were to experience low estrogen along with low testosterone, in addition to prescribing testosterone treatment, we might also prescribe some form of estrogen, usually in the form of a gel or a cream.

For men, it is rare to find low estrogen levels unless that person is undergoing some kind of treatment to reduce estradiol directly. In the setting of Testosterone Replacement Therapy TRT , we are much more likely to deal with increased estradiol levels, called hyperestrogenism.

There are many reasons why your body may be producing too much estrogen. In these cases, much of the extra testosterone being introduced into your body can be converted into excess estradiol. This medication, when used and monitored appropriately, is safe, inexpensive, and very effective. Special care should be taken to monitor for side effects of persistent estradiol elevation and flushing, which may occur with the use of Arimidex.

Your body will react quickly to these adjustments, often in a matter of weeks or a handful of months. When you come into our clinic feeling like you have low testosterone, we check all your hormones. Estrogen levels must be evaluated and managed the right way for Low T treatments to be safe.

Ensure that anyone who treats you for low testosterone understands and explains all the known risks associated with therapy. Being aware of potential issues and having a plan of action that prevents them from becoming problems during therapy will keep you both happy and healthy. Recently they did blood work and I came up with low estradiol my s were The base line was And nurse suggested I get blood done to see if there was another cause ,my t s came back very low,I received testosterone shots and seemed to come out of my depression ,this happened twice.

I understand low estradiol can cause a variety of problems in males,depression,anxiety sleep problems etc. Typically, as you remain on testosterone replacement therapy, your estrogen levels will rise.

In fact, keeping the from elevating too much is a concern we encounter. If you need it, you will continue to need it. So, one way of treating both issues is to be on a well monitored TRT regimen in and ongoing fashion. I had bloodwork done in January and got 5. My Thyroid test came back as normal. I was told to stop taking supplements and get work done at a later date. I did that, and 10 months later got bloodwork done again.

My testosterone came back normal at I have vitiligo and have always suspected having some kind of thyroid issue since I have many symptoms of hyperactive thyroid but obviously results say otherwise.

Should I be concerned and what do you recommend to further eliminate causes? The root problem could be the estradiol. Estradiol is, in males, primarily derived from aromatization of testosterone. This conversion occurs at higher rates in people with more body fat, higher alcohol intake, higher insulin secretion, and advanced age among other things.

Also, the metric I prefer for measuring you testosterone is a calculated free T. For this you need a total serum testosterone, sex hormone binding globulin, and albumin level. I have a video on hypothyroidism you may want to watch on our YouTube channel.

White, PA-C 4 Comments. Estradiol is likely the main estrogen you need to worry about. Estrogen is required for the healthy physiologic functions of your brain and other important organs, including: Erectile function and sex interest Maintenance of bone health Regulation of fat mass vs. Book A Free Consult. Scroll Back To Top. Low Estrogen vs. High Estrogen in Men. First Name. Male Female.

Posted in Estrogen , Men's Hormone Health. Bill William J. White, PA-C brings over 20 years of surgical experience to our practice. He is a decorated veteran of the United States Army where he served for nearly 6 years with duty assignments, both here and abroad. He spent the first 10 years of his career in Neurosurgery. Thanks Mike. Augie Juan Augustine Galindo Jr.

Mike, Typically, as you remain on testosterone replacement therapy, your estrogen levels will rise.

Recognizing High Estrogen Symptoms in Men and Regaining Balance

The impact of estrogen , however, is often overlooked, potentially leading you to struggle with disruptive symptoms without understanding their source. Both testosterone and estrogen have widespread influence on tissues and processes throughout the human body. Only through understanding the broad reach and profound influence of these powerful chemicals can you appreciate the danger that may be underlying high estrogen symptoms in men.

Men are often unaware that estrogen estradiol plays a critical role in their day-to-day health. Estrogen is found in small-but-critical concentrations in men. It needs to be in balance with the rest of your hormones, especially testosterone, for you to feel well.

Traditionally, testosterone and estrogen have been considered to be male and female sex hormones, respectively. However, estradiol, the predominant form of estrogen, also plays a critical role in male sexual function. Estradiol in men is essential for modulating libido, erectile function, and spermatogenesis. Estrogen receptors, as well as aromatase, the enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen, are abundant in brain, penis, and testis, organs important for sexual function.

Learn More About Estrogen Levels In Men

But while the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy are numerous, side effects are still a matter of course with any drugs or medical treatment. Although, when done properly the side effects of testosterone optimisation therapy are minimal. Nevertheless, in spite of this there is still one potential side effect that scares men more than any other:. Estrogen, particularly in the form of estradiol, affects libido, erectile function, and the development of the sperm within the male reproductive organs. High estrogen levels are also linked to higher chances of developing breast cancer in males , an international research collaboration participated in by Cancer Research UK reveals. Despite the bad rap it has been getting, estrogen is important to the male body as well. It aids in boosting the libido, and keeps the bones and muscles strong as well. But the thought of high estrogen side effects from testosterone makes most men want to run for the hills. In fact, so many are scared of high estrogen that they will avoid testosterone therapy altogether — even though they desperately need it.

What Does High Estrogen In Men Mean?

You can receive testosterone replacement therapy via telemedicine and prescriptions shipped to your door. Because he has to. High estrogen in men is a legitimate health concern. Estrogen is the dirty little secret no one ever talks about.

While estrogen has traditionally been known as a female hormone and testosterone has traditionally been associated with men, it may surprise you to know that estrogen plays an integral role in male sexual function, including the regulation of sex drive, the development of sperm and even erectile function. But too much of any circulating hormone in the body isn't a good thing, typcially symptoms of high estrogen in men can include:.

In males and females, estrogen is an important hormone. High levels of estrogen can cause a variety of symptoms and may increase the risk of developing certain medical conditions. In this article, we begin by looking at what estrogen is. We then describe how levels become high, the symptoms and possible complications, and how a doctor diagnoses and treats high estrogen levels.

What Causes High Estrogen In Men?


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Testosterone and the Symptoms of High Estrogen in Men


Oct 22, - Gynecomastia. Increased estrogen can cause more breast tissue to develop than normal. High levels can lead to the development of a condition called gynecomastia. This happens when the amount of breast fat tissue is abnormally male‎: ‎10–60 pg/ml.


The role of estradiol in male reproductive function







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