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Will i get a good husband astrology

When Venus in 7th home wedding may be saturated in love, enjoy and affection. Venus could be the earth of Romance when it comes down to your household of marriage, it brings bliss that is marital. Often whenever Venus in 7th home love wedding could be predicted if it will make a connection using the lord that is 5th mars. Venus mars combination in 7th home is just a indicator of love wedding. Venus in fifth home offers stunning partner supplied it will not have malefic influence on it.

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Appearance of spouse Astrology: Expectations vs Reality

What kind of spouse will I have and what kind of married life i am destined for. Sir, thank you for placing your query with us. There is a scope for your love marriage but most probably, it might not be successful. So, in my opinion, it would be better to avoid the same.

Your married life will be average. Go for matching of horoscopes before marriage because you are manglik and that too very strong. Tarun: Sir, thank you for placing your query with us. You'll have the wife of your choice. But, currently u r undergoing saturn's sadhe satti which might lead to health problems. Your married life will be full of difficulties if you are bald right now. You'll have to perform some remedies for it to run smoothly. To know he remedies, you'll have to pay a sum of Rs.

We charge only for our time consumed. Muthu: Sir, if your professional life is very good, then you must be very suspicious in nature that has led you to ask this question. Thanks and regards. As per data you have given to me, Your sadhe sati is running.

It will continue to another 5 years after nov So there will not be any possibilities of marriage in between this time also you might face obstacles in life also during this time. For that you have to do remedies. Secondly there are chances of love in your life but whether love turn up into marriage or not will depend upon the time. And as per your kundali you must be very thin or skiny type of person and also there are some health related problems are there.

If it is, then first you have to your lagna or first house strong. Thank You very much. How much my birth chart will be affected if my time of birth is like in between - pm? Can i contact you on google plus? Dear Kamlesh sir my date of birth is Thanks and Regards Suren.

Hello kamlesh sir, As you asked me about the correct details of my details. Im eagerly waiting for your reply. I want to my love life. Plz to my post. Will it be love or arranged? Thanks and Regards Saurabh. Saurabh: There are great chances for love marriage in your horoscope.

Your overall life will be good. Hello kamlesh sir, I mentioned my birth details which u had asked me sir. Because i had in love with a girl since 7 years. Tarun: You are undergoing Saturn's saadhe satti and you need to do the remedies for the same. The girl you are having an affair will be the one who'll turn against you according to your stars.

So, kindly keep a check. All the best wishes for your future. Q: Any insights on the spouse information, if possible? Hello Sir, Thank you for showing interest in our blog. You ask two questions, and we will try our best for your query.

There is arrange marriage showing in your kundali, and if you try love marriage it will not succeed. For timing of marriage your kundali is showing that you have already may have missed some chances in and also in There is still good time for marriage but get married before july.

Your spouse will be from higher status from you. They will be on higher side It can be in power or fina. Hello kamlesh sir, Thank you sir for your information providing for the post. I want to know my future wife appearance, physical features and behaviour,status.

My details 6 dec pm hyderabad,andhrapradesh. Hello Sir, Your kundali shows chances of love marriage, so you might already know how she looks. Your wife will be of short body stature and fair in complexion. Your spouse will be from a higher status It can be in power or finance. Hello sir, As your prediction i had a love affair for 7 years and our marriage has broken. At present i have sadesathi dasha is running. My love marriage chances are not converting to arrange marriage. Sir Thank you for placing your query with us.

I've gone through your horoscope. But, before I answer your questions with more accuracy, I need to know if you have any problem related to mind, like fits, depression, etc.

Moreover, as per your horoscope, the chances for your love marriage are very less. You'll be having love affair with someone from your professional circle, but marriage chances are very less. Dear Sir, Can you please tell me any thing about my spouse nature , family status, profession and whether its gonna be arrange one or love marriage.

Please tell me about my financial improvement. Sir Please Also tell me what are the remedies for sadi sathe. Sir till now no love affair for me. I don't have problems like fits and related to mind. I did remedy parihara also for that. I want to know spouse nature and appearance.

Any indication of more than one marriage. Thanks to interest my blog. As per your horoscope ans. Sir The remedies are to be done for longer time. You've not done the remedies even for a month. The result for the same does not appear very soon.

Whatever we could have told, I've told you. Do the remedies and wait for the results. Moreover, for studying the horoscope into the depth, we will have to spare a lot of time and we charge for our time consumed.

Sir The current planetary position favors your marriage. After marriage, your luck will be very favorable. For more details: please mail to astrologerkamlesh gmail. Hi there! I don't think my first email sent. I was wondering, what type of nature would my spouse have? Is it good or bad? Also many astrologers said I will have divroce? Is it my fault or my husband? Also do u know what age I could meet my spouse? Hello again! I was hoping u would reply soon as I really don't know which info to trust..

I feel like ur the real deal and really need help with my previous comment. Hello, As per your horoscope your spouse will be very handsome, but on the other side very clever and cunning. I will not say that you are definitely get divorced, but yes there are chances specially if you will get love marriage. Other then this there is chances that you will get married in sade saati or in Saturn dasha so kindly avoid that. You can get love marriage, who belong's to your profession.

Hi, I wish to know 1. Nature of my wife and good looking or not? Love or arranged marriage 3.

Know your Spouse through Birth Chart

What kind of spouse will I have and what kind of married life i am destined for. Sir, thank you for placing your query with us. There is a scope for your love marriage but most probably, it might not be successful. So, in my opinion, it would be better to avoid the same.

But your partner may be dominating at occasions and will also be egoistic. Sun is a dry planet.

Marriage could be the union of a person and ladies.? Everybody would like to get an attractive spouse or perhaps a good spouse. But most people are not too lucky. Therefore we are often wanting to learn about future partner. It requires knowledge that is vast experience.

Life Partner Prediction in Astrology-Nature, Character & Type of Spouse

For Predicting about your Life Partner in astrology, your date of birth and time will be required. You have to use of some Principle of Vedic astrology. Using these Principles in your Horoscope, You will be able to Know a Lot of information about your future spouse. I will try to give you information about how you can use this method for Future Wife prediction or Future husband Prediction from your date of birth and time. You can read them for to know what is stored in your Future. Now Lets discuss every point to know how we can use this technique for future spouse prediction through Date of birth and Time. You can read our article if you are interested to know about the Look and appearance of Spouse.

Know The Direction Of Your Future Spouse Easily

Although Spouse's prediction in astrology has the influence of multiple factors such as the sign of 7th house , Lord of 7th house and its position in the horoscope, planetary Aspects on the 7th house and the planet placed in 7th house. For Complete analysis, consult our expert astrologers now. Her voice is raucous and she is always ready to fight. The spouse will have a high sense of self-respect. If the Moon in the 7th house is a moon , then the spouse nature will be sweet.

We all want Beautiful wife or handsome husband. But all of us are not So lucky.

The 7th house of the astrology chart deals with your spouse. It will be ruled by a sign. Every sign is ruled by each planet.

Type Of Spouse/ Partner In Astrology As Per Planets, Signs In 7th House

Guy and ladies is incomplete without each other. Marriage may be the union of a person and ladies.? Everybody would like to get a lovely spouse or perhaps a husband that is good.

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If we divide our life span into two parts then marriage obviously comes in the interval, it changes the story to some extent sometimes fully. Here comes the importance of a good partner. It is very simple if you get a good partner so your life would be happy and prosperous but if not then the only god knows and partly you also can imagine. Sometimes we call our partner soul mate. Will he come from a long distance or he or she is just near to you but you are unable to recognize? If you are in regular astrology practice then some astrological terminologies might have become very common to you, but if you are not then you may find it a bit difficult to find out the answer from your horoscope.

Realize about partner from kundli in wedding Astrology

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Jun 13, - Handsome husband is indicated by benefic aspect or association of Venus/Moon or both with the 7th house of horoscope as 7th house in female birth chart signifies husband. Navamsha lord of 7th house lord also should be judged as navamsha depositor has important bearing on marriage related to profile my spouse's attributes using Vedic.

Marriage and relationship is very important in our life. But now a days relationship has become more complicated. So when we reach in a marriageable age several questions arise in our mind like- how will my spouse look? What will be the nature of my spouse?

Guy and ladies is incomplete without each other. Marriage may be the union of a guy and ladies.? Everybody really wants to get an attractive spouse or even a good spouse. But most people are not fortunate.

Guy and ladies is incomplete without one another. Marriage could be the union of a person and ladies.? Everybody would like to get a lovely wife or perhaps a good spouse. But many people are not too happy.





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